ATG’s Antenna and Virtualization technologies were recently flight tested for their ability to withstand harsh conditions and transmit data.

(Atlanta, GA) November 4, 2022 — Apothym Technologies Group, LLC (ATG) recently developed antenna and virtualization technologies that were tested on a hypersonic test flight launched from Wallops Flight Facility on Wallops Island, Virginia, on Wednesday, October 26th. The goal of the flight was to determine if weapon communications and navigation equipment could withstand extreme conditions.

“We are excited to have our solutions included on another hypersonic test flight. Our team has been developing cutting-edge technology and hardware to support the highly prioritized United States Hypersonics program,” said Michael Geist, President of ATG.

The ATG Hypersonic antenna provides wideband frequency support to reduce the number of antennas on a platform.  The ATG Virtualization technology allows multiple discrete radios to be incorporated into a single hardware platform and operate as applications.

To learn more, visit atg.space.

About ATG

Founded in 2022, Apothym Technologies Group (ATG) delivers products and capabilities that enable ubiquitous and secure wireless connectivity. Those solutions are derived from the company’s focus on developing a transport virtualization platform and advanced multi-beam, multi-frequency antenna technologies. ATG is headquartered in Peachtree Corners, GA, with an additional research and development center in Frederick, MD.

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