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Our Story

How it all started...

ATG was conceived in 2018 as the Advanced Technology Group, a technology incubator within Envistacom, LLC, having the task to optimize system solutions that Envistacom delivers to its customers every day.

From our early innovation successes through our continued technology development initiatives, the group quickly realized that it had the ability and yearning to address larger market operational gaps with its technologies and eventually its products.  

In order to grow and scale to meet those challenges, Envistacom knew that ATG would eventually need to become a separate company in order to deliver those capabilities through a variety of channels to a wider breadth of markets including commercial and others.

Expanding the vision...

Having acquired the company that pioneered wireless waveform virtualization in 2019, ATG then invested in research and development of solid-state, multi-beam, multi-frequency antenna technologies that are truly revolutionary.  

We are maturing these technologies into products that will enable ubiquitous and resilient connectivity for a range of applications .

Where we are headed...

ATG is an intellectually curious, passionate, impact-oriented, innovator.  We choose to chart our own course, instead of following others, in order to develop solutions that provide highly relevant outcomes for our partners.

 Creating value, improving performance, and reducing footprint are mutually inclusive goals of our organization.  

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