antenna technology

Research and development of solid-state, multi-beam, multi-frequency antenna technologies.

virtualization technology

Pioneered wireless waveform virtualization to merge discrete radios and antenna sub-systems into a single federated solution.

Antenna technology

Providing Capability & Flexibility

Solutions that transcend constellation, orbit, frequency band, network access technology, and application to deliver any information anywhere it’s needed efficiently, resiliently, and securely


Extending beyond a single orbit, frequency band, constellation, and application.

  • Multi-band, multi-beam/multi-orbit capabilities
  • Targeting LEO, NGSO and GEO constellations (e.g. Oneweb, SpaceX, Kuiper, Telesat, Intelsat, SES, etc.)
  • Ruggedized for DoD COTM and stationary applications
  • Currently TRL-4 with path to TRL-7 in 2023

Providing wideband frequency support to reduce the number of antennas on a platform.

  • Designed, tested and flown in austere environments


Agile and Resilient Satellite Communications

Employing our Intellectual Property (IP) to merge those discrete radios and antenna sub-systems into a single federated solution.

  • Charter member and first corporate member of Digital IF Interoperability (DIFI) Consortium
  • Define infrastructure and architecture to transport signals digitally
  • Digitally transport signal to/from Digital Modem (on-premises or in the cloud)
  • Convert signals to/from digital directly at the antenna
  • Multiple hardware solutions (enterprise to tactical)
  • Ecosystem to host virtualized waveforms and other connectivity applications
  • Work with several vendors to develop rack mount and compact hosting platforms

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